About the Sisters


Samantha B & Adrien studiously editing Sister Bakers together. 🙂

After having my first son in December 2011 I started baking like mad. I quickly realized that my little one wouldn’t let me sit still during the day, so to occupy my time and entertain my son, I would pop him into his baby carrier and together we would bake up a storm of wonderful, sweet, delicious things.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I do!



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Olivia A

If your cholesterol level is too low, you may become depressed. My solution: baking and more baking.

Cooking has always been a passion. I have several other passions, like my 4 year old son and my baby girl (who are my muses and models), my husband (not sure you’d want to see him model), my young adult book collection, and my many, many fiction novels-in-writing.

I hope you enjoy our recipes and find them easy to make at home. On a side note, I use about half the sugar in all of my recipes (I love sweets when they’re not too sweet) and often try to find substitutes for full-fat ingredients. Except for butter. I’m French so light butter is not part of my upbringing.

Bon appétit!