Cocoa Brownies


Okay, okay... I know we have a lot of brownie recipes - and we keep on calling them the best (which they are) - but there is always room for one more variant. These brownies are chewy and super rich, and yet contain no melted chocolate. I made these last night for a last minute dinner and they … [Continue reading]

Cloud Nine Cupcakes


I finished the first draft of my new book. Since I spent my day perched on a little cloud, I decided to celebrate by making these pillowy cloud cupcakes. What I really wanted to make was the frosting, but frosting without a base is like great characters without a plot. ;) So I perused the list of … [Continue reading]

Brown Sugar Cookies with Chocolate Chips

Brown Sugar Cookies with Chocolate Chips |

I hope you all are getting a better introduction to springtime than we are here in NYC. The first week has been cold and now it's warmed up but … [Continue reading]

Creamy Chocolate Cheesecake


My husband doesn’t like cheese in any of its forms, except when mixed with chocolate. This doesn’t apply to all cheeses. Blue cheese and chocolate, … [Continue reading]

Sesame Nougatine & Chocolate Chip Cookies


A friend of mine lent me a cookbook about cookies and brownies. Just looking at the pictures has made me gain weight. J I wanted to share the … [Continue reading]

The Best Scones Ever

The Best Scones Ever |

Let me start by saying that this isn't my recipe but it is so incredible it deserves to be shared. This is by far the best scone recipe I have ever … [Continue reading]

Vanilla Cream Cupcakes with Honey Frosting


HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! What better way to celebrate with cupcakes sprinkled with sugar hearts? And champagne, although the champagne will come … [Continue reading]



Snickerdoodles were my favorite cookies growing up. Truly, I was obsessed with them. I find it extraordinarily surprising that I haven’t shared this … [Continue reading]

Double Chocolate & Coconut Cloud Cookies

Double Chocolate & Coconut Cloud Cookies

  I'm obsessed with these cookies. Like obsessed-obsessed. I've made them so many time I've lost count and they come out perfect every time. … [Continue reading]

Honey & Almond Cigars


After years of buying them already made, I attempted to make my very own crispy, honey cigars. To facilitate my endeavor, I bought a fryer. I’ve been … [Continue reading]