4TH OF JULY SUMMER CAKE: Coconut Cake with Italian Meringue


  To celebrate Independence Day in style, we made a barbecue with homemade buns’n’burgers, corn on the cob, quinoa salad, and sparkling cocktails. Virgin cocktails for me as I’m expecting baby number three (coming to a maternity clinic in Geneva around Thanksgiving). After the meat and … [Continue reading]

Fluffy Pancakes


I heart pancakes more than any breakfast treat out there. I love them so much that I make them at least twice a week. I used to make this recipe, which always turns out nice, but I had a consistency issue. Sometimes, they'd be fluffy and sometimes a little flat. So I decided to change things up this … [Continue reading]

Coconutella Cupcakes


Two day ago, my daughter Gabrielle turned 3. When my son turned 3, I remember thinking, “Whew, finally.” This time, my reaction was, “Whoa, … [Continue reading]

Mini English Muffins


Last night—while browsing Pinterest—I came upon a recipe for English Muffins. I haven’t had them in a long time, which is a shame because they’re so … [Continue reading]

Whole Wheat Berry Scones


I haven’t had scones in months—maybe years. One of the reasons for that is that in Switzerland, they’re not offered in bakeries. And when they are, … [Continue reading]

Slow-Cooker Chocolate-Coconut Steel Cut Oats

Slow-Cooker Chocolate-Coconut Steel Cut Oats | sisterbakers.com

I'm about to change your life. You can have your cake and eat it too. Yes, you can now enjoy a big bowl full of creamy chocolate oatmeal, completely … [Continue reading]

Berry Crumb Muffin


      I had a craving for blueberry muffins yesterday morning. So I made blueberry muffins. They were absolutely scrumptious, … [Continue reading]

The Baker’s Almond Torte


I love almonds and almond powder and almond butter and almond milk and almond paste. So when I stumbled on this recipe a while back, I added it to my … [Continue reading]

Adam’s Marble Cake


My son came to me one morning saying, “Mom, I love vanilla cakes and I love chocolate cakes. Can we mix them?” I said, “Yes!” So we browsed the … [Continue reading]

Death by Chocolate Cake


I’ve adapted this chocolate layer cake recipe from the Williams Sonoma Bride & Groom Cookbook that my brother gave me for my wedding 7 years ago. … [Continue reading]